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Frequently Asked Questions About Space Frame Structures

Generally, any structure that is designed and loaded according to the regulations and codes of the Engineering Organization and satisfies structural conditions simulated in design software is approved by the Engineering Organization.Given this information, space structures are not only approved by the national Engineering Organization but also, accepted as a modern structure worldwide. . It should be noted that all projects defined within the company of Global Innovative Co. are designed in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the Engineering Organization. Up to now, all projects completed by this company have easily obtained the approval of the Engineering Organization.

Space frame structures are suitable for various industrial, commercial, cultural, and recreational purposes, and in short, they are appropriate for any type of usage. mong the various applications that the Fazasazeh company has undertaken to design and implement are Indeed, it can include production halls, warehouses, exhibition halls, sports arenas, water parks, commercial centers, chain stores, airport passenger terminals, aircraft shelters, railway stations, border terminals, urban and intercity transportation terminals, cinemas, amphitheaters, museums, reception halls, restaurants, automobile exhibitions, hospitals, medical centers, mosques, martyrs’ memorial sites, parking structures, gated community entrances, large factories, fuel stations, commercial complex facades, communication bridges, and billboards.

You just need to call with Fazasazeh company. In the engineering unit, an ‘architectural model’ is designed that corresponds to the type of usage and aligns with the initial information obtained from the client. Subsequently, the structure is designed in accordance with the regulations and codes of the Engineering Organization, and based on the required amount of materials, a price estimate is provided. Ultimately, a pricing proposal booklet, accompanied by all the information and specifications of the structural components, along with relevant architectural drawings, will be sent to you.

In theory, space structures can be implemented with very large spans, even exceeding 100 meters. However, if we want to provide a definitive answer to this question, we should mention that the largest clear span without a central column that has been requested by clients of this company is the water park structure of Absar Park in Isfahan With a span of 85 meters And without a central column And with a length of 126 meters and covering an area of 12,000 square meters which was designed, constructed, and executed by Fazasazeh Company in the year 2015. It’s worth mentioning that this company is fully prepared to receive proposals from clients for spans even exceeding 100 meters .

Yes, space structures are perfectly suitable for a hall where a crane is installed. Because typically, the crane beam is installed on the columns of the structure. So, it is sufficient to consider the crane-related loads on the corresponding columns during the design of the space structure. It’s worth mentioning that in hangars for major aircraft maintenance, where cranes are installed on the roof, considering the possibility of incorporating maintenance cranes onto space structures is feasible. Fazasazeh Company also has the capability to design such projects, including a 110-meter span, and this is included in their portfolio.

Yes, if the members of the space frame structure are coated using a hot-dip galvanizing method after production, then space frame structures can be used for humid environments as well. The coating of elements using the hot-dip galvanizing method has been utilized by Fazasazeh Naghshe Jahan company for constructing various projects, including the Moj Khavaran Water Park structure and numerous other projects in several cities across the country.

All the coatings that are used for various types of metal structures can also be utilized for space frame structures. Therefore, depending on the usage of the space frame structure, various types of coatings such as galvanized sheets, sandwich panels, zip panels, polycarbonate, glass, or a combination of these materials can be used.

Design, production, and execution of over 200 domestic and international projects

Global Innovative (Fazasazeh Naghshe jahan) company with over 25 years of experience in the field Space frame structure One of the most experienced and top-performing companies in the field Space Frame Structure Companies and Backed by a team of skilled and experienced professionals, specialized design expertise, project-specific structural fabrication, and proficient execution, the company has led to a reduction in the cost of space frame structures as well as an increase in construction speed. Additionally Resume for Global Innovative Supported by a portfolio of over 200 successful domestic and international projects, this claim is certified.

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